A mother tragically dies after giving birth to her fourth child, but saves many lives after her passing

 Kathleen Thorson, a mother of four, passed away after giving birth to her fourth child. Her husband, Jesse, emotionally spoke about his wife’s dedication to motherhood, but his wife had one final wish that saved many lives. Jesse Thorson was struck by tragedy when his wife, Kathleen, passed away in 2020 shortly after giving birth to their fourth child. On a GoFundMe page, the husband explains that five days after welcoming their son, his wife suffered a severe brain hemorrhage. She was rushed to the hospital, but her condition only worsened, and Kathleen left her family. The distraught husband wrote, «There aren’t many words to say other than we love her and will miss her with every breath we take. Despite all these trials, we still feel her love, life, and magic.» When his wife passed away, Jesse had no idea how he would overcome the sadness he felt, but the memory of Kathleen overcoming countless challenges encouraged him to fight against despair. He remained grateful for his church community, which was there to shower his family with love and prayers. «They made this time a sacred moment,» he wrote.


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