While walking her dog, she discovers a basket containing tennis balls and the photo of a canine

Clyde is no longer of this world, but this dog who was much loved by his family has left a wonderful memory for his congeners. The mistress of another canine was moved by the discovery.

Anne Cassia was walking her dog, an Australian Cattle Dog / Border Collie mix, when she saw a basket lying on the side of a road in Albany Bulb, California.

Inside were several tennis balls, and the container was topped with a small sign featuring a portrait of a dog and a message, Newsweek reported. «In memory of Clyde,» said the text in question. A true best friend. Please take a ball for your dog to enjoy. Please return it afterwards so that another dog can have fun and create great memories as well.”

She was touched by it and did not fail to take a photo of her discovery. Shared on social networks, the latter quickly went viral.

Anne Cassia did not expect her publication to arouse so many reactions. «I was actually quite surprised by the responses,» she says. This is, of course, a gesture of great kindness, but my posts in this group are usually only seen by a few people. “So imagine my surprise as the responses continued to pour in, from all over the world. There are so many people touched by this sweet gesture, by this beloved dog.”

The young woman knows what it is to have to mourn a loved one, she who had lost her dog Lanie 2 years earlier. “I know this pain all too well, which is part of why Clyde’s memorial touched me. His memory is honored, as I honor Lanie’s,” says Anne Cassia.

This story is reminiscent of that of Jarvis, an English Cocker Spaniel who has become too old to play with his tennis balls. His family had decided to put them in a box to allow his congeners to have fun with them.

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