2 wild cats meet at the shelter and have since formed an inseparable couple: the association wishes to relocate them together

Socialization is complicated for cats that come from the street. The volunteers do their best to show them that the life of a domestic animal has its advantages, but sometimes it is with a congener that they find the strength to overcome their fears.

The association RSPCA Birmingham Animal Center and Hospital, located in Birmingham in the United Kingdom, was entrusted in February 2022 with a young stray tomcat. The feline lived among a colony of wild cats. He suffered from hunger and his precarious living conditions.

Lord Sugar, as he was nicknamed, was terrified of humans. He dared not leave his cage to explore the cattery. A month later, Lady Sugar arrived in turn. She had known the same life as her congener, but was less fearful.

However, the young lady had serious health problems. She suffered from severe ear mites, dental infections and an eye injury. The vet treated her and was forced to remove her eyeball.

Once completely cured, Lady Sugar was able to join the cattery. “We could tell from the start that they wanted to be together because we would catch them playing through the glass or chatting cheerfully,” volunteer Kelly Legg told Metro.

The members of the shelter therefore opened the cages to let them get to know each other. “It was a real thunderbolt! When they met face to face it was one of the most beautiful moments we have ever seen at the cattery,” said Kelly.

Since then, the 2 felines have never left each other and have learned to overcome their fear of humans together. They now share a double cage where they cuddle and groom each other.

When they go out, they never move away from each other. The volunteers therefore want to find them a single adoptive home so that they can continue their romance.

“The 2 cats love to play. They still need to learn to fully trust humans, but hopefully we’ve given them a good start and they can continue to thrive together in a home,” Kelly concluded.

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