As a victim of human indifference, this injured 3-legged dog is looking for the family of his dreams

Suffering knows no boundaries. The story of Oscar, a stray dog, takes place in the Lebanese capital. The poor animal has lost one of its legs following an accident and hopes that a family will deign to open the doors of their home and their hearts to them. What if he was waiting for you?

“Oscar is waiting to start his life and he was promised that it would be beautiful! “, said the team of the association Elias and friends. Oscar is the nickname given to a lost soul discovered in the streets of Beirut, Lebanon. During his long days and nights of wandering, fear, hunger and thirst constantly crawled alongside the barefoot. Until the day he crossed paths with volunteers from Adopt Don’t Shop, mobilized to protect and save animals in distress.

It was under a night sky that rescuers found the dog in an extremely worrying condition: a bone had been exhumed from his bruised body. Seriously injured in his right rear limb – certainly following an accident with a car – Oscar was rushed to the vet.

Alas, an amputation was necessary to save him. Leaving the clinic, the survivor stood on 3 legs. One limb less, but life saves.

Subsequently, the one and a half year old canine found his place in the shelter of Elias and friends (partner of Adopt Don’t Shop)… but not yet in this world.

« Oscar needs human contact and to find himself in the midst of a loving family, explained Marie to the editorial staff of Woopets, his chances of adoption in Lebanon are nil because of the economic situation (the inhabitants cannot afford the expenses of an animal) and its 3 legs. It is unbearable to see him so sad”.

Despite the lack of affection, the tripod overflows with energy and has fun with its congeners. Well in his paws, he runs, plays and is very cuddly. His disability does not prevent him from wanting to live life to the fullest. A force that arouses admiration among its benefactors.

“He shows us the path to resilience, continued our interlocutor, he experienced the physical pain and the indifference of certain individuals who saw him in the street, but who did nothing for him. Despite all these hardships, Oscar does not hold it against humans for his bad experiences.”

Identified, neutered, vaccinated and with his anti-rabies titration in his pocket, Oscar is available for adoption. This next step will allow him to bury his bad memories forever and lick his lips with happiness. “The only charm of the past is that it is the past,” wrote one of the greatest figures in Irish literature, who bears the same first name as the protagonist of this story, Oscar Wilde.

What do volunteers want? « To see him happy and loved […], concluded Marie, he is very close to humans, to children and needs to live within a family that can pamper him, walk him, make him play, take him to holidays. Let him discover the sand, the pleasure of bathing, of having toys. Simple things that make you happy.”

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