Prior to the day he saved her life, the neighbor had always been afraid of pit bulls

Pit bull Simba resides in their flat with his owner, Arjanit M. And although though he’s a kind and affectionate dog, many people in the building despise him and make an effort to avoid him just because he’s a pit bull. But a single act of kindness might change these people’s perceptions.

Older residents on the floor below would frequently give Simba strange looks and accuse him of being cruel. But the pit bull simply kept attempting to approach her. Additionally, the other day after a stroll, Simba halted at her door and refused to budge. « Please don’t go, » a voice inside could be heard begging at that point.

The neighbor was lying on the floor as Arjanit opened the door and glanced inside. It turned out that she had recently shattered her hip and was unable to move. Simba alerted his owner after detecting a threat to her life.

The woman thanked the dog for saving her life as she and Simba waited for the paramedics to come. In a split second, everything she had previously believed about this pit bull had changed, and Arjanit believes that by telling her tale, others will now view the breed differently. Wouldn’t that be pleasant?

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