A cat preparing to give birth decides to do it on the knees of her moved mistress

The young mistress of a pregnant cat considers herself privileged to have witnessed the birth of the latter from very close. In fact, the animal chose to give birth to her kittens on her lap, something that moved her enormously and that she did not fail to film.

It’s a moving scene that took place in the Netherlands and was shared on TikTok, where the video went viral and garnered many reactions. This is the birth of a litter of kittens that took place on the lap of their mother’s owner, reported Pets Radar.

Ellen Fransenn, 18, had just returned home from visiting friends. She then realized that her tabby cat, named Asrael, had just given birth to the first of her kittens. She was not at the end of her beautiful surprises.

The feline hastened to settle on the lap of its human to continue the birth. Ellen Fransenn thought it wasn’t the best place to do it, so tried to lay her on a blanket, but Asrael disagreed.

The cat clearly wanted to put the rest of her young in the world on the lap of her young mistress. She made it clear to him loudly. Ellen Fransenn finally decided to let her.

Asrael thus became the mother of 5 adorable kittens. She and her babies are all healthy.

Ellen Fransenn says she was touched both by the birth itself and the fact that her cat chose to do it on her lap. “Most of the reactions have been positive. Some were negative, saying it’s not real or disgusting, but I don’t care… I think it’s an honor! “, she said.

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