The SPA and a soldier rescue a dog stuck at the top of a cliff for 3 days

A team made up of a mountain soldier and volunteers from the local SPA rescued a dog trapped on top of a cliff for several days. A particularly complex and long rescue, since it lasted 6 hours.

A dog was rescued and cared for by an association after being in great distress for 3 long days, reported BFMTV.

A resident of La Saulce, a commune in the Hautes-Alpes, was the first to realize the perilous situation in which the female Berger Blanc Suisse found herself. The animal was stuck on top of a cliff, and no one was able to help him. His misadventure lasted 3 days, until the intervention of charitable and devoted souls.

The lady called the firefighters, but the SDIS 05 (Hautes-Alpes Departmental Fire and Rescue Service) explained to her that this kind of intervention was chargeable, the bill amounting to 600 euros.

She then informed the SPA Sud Alpine based in Gap, about fifteen kilometres away. The association contacted the fire brigade in turn and received the same response.

Given the lay of the land, it was necessary to contact a seasoned person to save the dog. It was found since a soldier of the 4th RCh (4th regiment of hunters) of Gap was kind enough to intervene in a personal capacity.

The soldier carried out a scouting on Saturday evening, September 10, then returned the next morning to begin the rescue, which lasted 6 hours and mobilized several volunteers from the SPA Sud Alpine.

The dog was eventually recovered. She was exhausted and dehydrated, but unharmed. The SPA took care of it.

According to BFMTV, Marcel Cannat, chairman of the board of directors of SDIS 05, indicated that the intervention of firefighters, in this case, pays off because « there is no vital emergency or risk for the property”.

For his part, Lieutenant-Colonel Éric Noël added that this measure is not intended « to make money », but aims to ensure that « everyone takes care of their area of expertise without relying on the firefighters for everything « .

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