The little dog barks beside a hole, until someone looks inside

While walking his dog, Willians Mollo Flores noticed another barking. They found this small puppy screaming for aid as he sat next to a hole in the ground. An identical-looking dog was imprisoned in the crawl area.

The man hurried home right away to get some food, drink, and a rope and came back to lower himself down to save the dog. The puppy immediately approached the man to express gratitude for returning his brother on firm ground. Willians was at a loss as to what to do next, so he sat with the dogs and attempted contacting people on social media at this time. Valeska Torres Tapia, an animal rescuer, agreed to take them in when he made contact with her. She is convinced that the proprietor of a puppy factory abandoned them there.

But Valeska chose to keep them for all time and gave them the names Angel and Salvador. The two brothers are now living together in harmony in their lifelong home, which is the ideal setting for them. What a fantastic job was done by everyone!

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