The old dog spends her last day at the shelter and joins her forever family

It was a special day for Terri, a dog who has spent a large part of her life at the shelter. Adopted by one of the employees of the shelter, she was able to discover her new home in the company of the latter.

An old dog who lived for many years at the shelter has finally found a loving family, that of the man who took care of her during the end of her stay, reported Newsweek.

Josh worked at this shelter for 2 years. He met Terri there, who had been there for 7 years. Over time, their ties and complicity only grew stronger. So when the time came for Josh to quit his job last June, he decided to adopt him.

2 months later, he shared a most touching video on his TikTok account, where he posts under the username @josh.timk. It retraces the dog’s last day at the shelter and her departure for her new life alongside her human.

« Today I’m taking my friend home, » reads Josh’s caption. We first see the dog wagging her tail as he approaches his box, then comfortably installed in the back of the car. « Welcome home, Terri, » he also wrote, as the duo headed for the front door.

The video then continues with scenes of celebration, happiness and rest for Terri, who is taking full advantage of her new existence.

“I will do my best to give you an amazing life,” Josh finally concludes in this great video. A promise he will keep for sure.

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