An Iraqi war veteran stopped to help the dog that was hit by a car and left behind

An injured dog laying by the side of the road is one of the scariest sights you may witness while driving. However, this dog is now safe and will go to a new home thanks to Iraq War veteran Aaron Schneider.

In order to contact 911, Aaron had to move the dog to the side of the road. He was instructed to wait until animal control showed up. He waited for three hours in the pouring rain. Aaron constructed a temporary stretcher for the puppy and hoisted him into the back of a friend’s vehicle after deciding he couldn’t wait any longer.

I’m grateful I was able to use my combat lifesaving training to aid him, Schneider added. « Seeing so much loss while serving in Iraq is one of the reasons I was determined to see him through. »

Buster suffered shattered ribs, a ruptured windpipe, and internal hemorrhaging but went on to heal completely. Aaron would provide Buster with a loving home once he was ready to leave the hospital, capping off a fantastic tale with a happy conclusion!

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