5 Week-Old Kittens Abandoned in Trash Can Saved by Dog

A litter of kittens was saved in extremis after being abandoned in the middle of the forest. The hero of the day is a dog, a former resident of the SPA moreover. It was he who sniffed out the young felines and signalled their presence to the people walking him.

5 kittens a few weeks old and abandoned to their sad fate were discovered and collected, reported ActuStrasbourg. A rescue was possible thanks to a brave dog by the name of Pasha.

The discovery was made on Tuesday, August 30 in the heart of a wooded area of Strasbourg, in the Bas-Rhin. During the walk, Pacha, who had been adopted from the Strasbourg SPA, drew the attention of his owners to a plastic trash can.

Inside, they found a litter of 5 kittens. The little cats were only several weeks old, and everything suggests that they had been deliberately put there to get rid of them in the cruellest way.

Dehydrated and hungry, the kittens were taken care of by the Strasbourg SPA, according to the story delivered by the Facebook page « My darlings of the SPA ».

Without the flair of Pacha, a former resident at the Strasbourg SPA, and his wise walkers, these adorable little ones would have succumbed to their sad fate. The reception structure lacked places, so it was decided to entrust the 5 kittens to a foster family. The foster mother will take care of them until they reach adoption age. They will also be monitored by the veterinarian.

These little creatures are now safe and in good hands. Pasha can be proud of what he has done for them.

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