Following the death of her 15-year owner, a dog was discovered collapsed in the rain

Masha has spent 15 years living with her owner. The dog was discovered unconscious under a seat outside when the owner passed away. The next-door neighbour wanted to help but wasn’t sure how, until rescuer Irina S. showed up to assess. The dog was damp and had a gloomy expression. Masha appeared to be eager to depart after having a small amount to eat. She stood up though and took a little step before collapsing once more.

This dog had recently lost her whole world, but there was also a significant health problem. They managed to get her to the vet, where they discovered that she had liver and bladder stones as well as a crushed disc in her spine. She received treatment, but she would still require surgery to regain her ability to walk. Most people, but not them, would have given up on such an elderly dog. Thanks to them, Masha is now happy and healthy in her new life!

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