A mistreated and abused dog escapes from the house and finds a loving life.

The tale of Emerson is presented here. After years of being mistreated and abandoned, the dog finally made the decision to leave his house on his own. The tiny puppy was abandoned and was unable to stop shivering when he arrived at the shelter. So terrified was he.

He barely had a few teeth left after a lifetime of neglecting his teeth. Emerson had a number of health issues, including a cut on his leg from skin that had come off due to excessive matting. In the hopes of preserving the limb, they prepared him for surgery.

They failed to preserve the limb, unfortunately. In every other respect, however, this was a victory for Emerson’s life. Now that he lives with his new mother, Michaela, and his family, he is in love with life. For a dog that was formerly shivering with fear, this is such a drastic turnaround.

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