When a man’s service dog is returned after being stolen, she faints in his arms

After the dog and his van of the man were both taken, he soon was reunited with his dog. Bobby Linville relies on Baby Girl Blue, an 8-month-old Husky-mix service dog, to warn him of impending seizures and to assist him in managing his PTSD. His world was flipped upside down when she was taken away from him.

« My van is not important to me. I can obtain another automobile because my boss runs a car lot. Although cars are readily available, my dog is irreplaceable. My dog was my right hand, if you get what I mean. I’m trying not to weep right now because you’re like, my best buddy, my all, » Linville said to Tamara Scott, a reporter for 10 On Your Side.

The Norfolk Animal Care Center helped bring the two back together after a week apart. The staff discovered the dog had been brought into the shelter by a Norfolk Police Officer after seeing the WAVY News 10 article. The NACC also renewed Baby Girl Blue’s rabies immunizations and had her microchipped before giving her back to Bobby!

Everything is great right now, and Bobby even started a GoFundMe to try to buy a new van.

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