Saved from the floods, 20 cats are entitled to a new start thanks to an association

It’s a whole new life that twenty cats are about to experience after escaping the terrible floods that have occurred in Kentucky. After a long journey, they arrived in Massachusetts to be cared for by local shelters while awaiting adoption.

The floods that took place at the end of July in Kentucky killed 37 people. The authorities expect this sad toll to increase, as hundreds of people are still missing. A disaster also affected animals, but some were luckier than others. Just like this cat called Francis, found by his family after having disappeared for days due to the sudden rise of the waters.

This is also the case for 20 other felines who lived in shelters in Kentucky and who arrived in early August in Massachusetts for a new start, reported WCVB.

A journey to the city of Salem, where the teams of the local associations MSPCA-Angell and Northeast Animal Shelter were waiting for them, was very long. Cats of very varied ages, ranging from 3 months to 7 years old.

“We take cats that were already in shelters before the floods. Now we really need adopters to come forward and apply to bring an animal home” says Mike Keiley, manager of adoption programs and centers at MSPCA-Angell. In this way, places are freed up in Kentucky reception structures, which can thus save other animals affected by the disaster.

The MSPCA-Angell and the Northeast Animal Shelter are appealing for donations to help finance the care of these cats before their adoption. These shelters and others in the area had recently rescued 150 other felines from Florida, as well as dozens of dogs rescued from the infamous Envigo RMS breeding in Virginia.

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