On a walk, the dog discovers her « twin, » and persuades his owner to adopt him

One day, Rogue and Bethany were out on a stroll when they came across an adoption event. A dog who resembled Rogue was present at the adoption ceremony! Her dog seemed to be aware of this as well since he approached Beast immediately with attention and desire.

Though they weren’t actively seeking, Bethany and her boyfriend had been considering expanding their family with a second dog. Rogue, however, wasn’t about to let Mom abandon this « twin » of his!

« The fact that Beast resembled Rogue so closely is what prompted me to choose to keep him over the other dogs. Rogue’s mother was a Lab/Pit mix, and her father was a Cairn terrier; as for Beast, we’re really not sure; it just has Cairn mix, Bethany told Bored Panda. They are both Cairn terrier mixes.

Early on, Beast attempted to demonstrate his authority, but after approximately a month, things started to calm down. Now, the two take advantage of living the Hawaiian lifestyle together and playing on the beach.

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