This cat manipulates neighborhood residents to take advantage of the food provided to strays

Patch is endowed with undeniable acting talents. She plays the sad and stray animal in order to eat from all the bowls available to her. Her master, who no longer sees her much at home, has begged the community not to feed her for obvious reasons.

Patch is a gorgeous playful alley cat. She lives in Hull, England with Ruth O’Grady, her owner for 5 years. She has everything to be happy: unlimited food, a warm home and a loving and caring master.

However, the young lady spends her days wandering with a sad look in her street to collect food. The inhabitants of the district and the local associations which militate for the well-being of the stray cats fall into the trap.

Patch has therefore grown alarmingly large and only comes home 2-3 times a week.

Ruth O’Grady posted an unusual request on her city’s Facebook group.

“If you see Patch put on her most overwhelmed pout… Know that she is loved, overweight and has a home. So please, if she tries to coax you into food, tell her to go home, because I’m waiting for her. »

He added that Patch is neutered and easily puts on extra pounds which is not good for her health. In addition, the young lady is identified with an electronic chip.

Internet users laughed a lot when they read his publication and advised him to wear a necklace with a medal indicating his greedy character.

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