This affection-hungry Staffordshire bull terrier invites passers-by to give him a hug

Tubs loves being petted, no matter who gives it to her. To receive her daily dose of cuddles, this dog stands behind the gate of her house and wags her tail as passers-by approach.

Tubs is an adorable female Staffordshire bull terrier who is blessed with countless friends. They are 600,000 to follow her on Tubs the Blue Staffy, the TikTok account dedicated to her, but there are also and above all many who come by to say hello and pat her head daily.

This affectionate dog lives with her family in Townsville in the state of Queensland (north-eastern Australia). Every day, she stands in the gate of her owners’ home and sees passers-by walk around, hoping for a hug from them, reports Daily Paws.

If some pass in front of her without approaching her, the others are happy to stop for a few seconds to offer her a few pats on the head which she loves. And there, her fine and boosted tail begins to move even more frantically.

To encourage those who hesitate to come to her, the owners of Tubs had an idea as simple as it is ingenious. They put a small sign on the wall with a message to them: “Tubs is friendly. She would love to receive a gentle caress.

The result was not long in coming, since the dog has considerably expanded her fan club among passers-by. Go check her TikTok account @tubsthebluestaffy and get your dose of smiles.

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