A « Guide Cat » helps a 14-year-old chocolate lab find his way through life

Unlike human hearing, which fades when we sleep, a cat’s hearing is continuously active to keep them alert to any hidden hazards. Dogs are usually at the top of the list of threats. However, one cat utilizes his keen instincts to assist a helpless dog.

Tervel, a 14-year-old chocolate Lab, is blind and partially deaf as a result of being thrown against a wall as a puppy, and he has spent his life trapped in his basket to avoid being wounded. But when his owner, Anne, adopted a stray cat named Pudditat, everything changed for the elderly dog.

The kitty quickly warmed up to the dog and took on the job of « guide cat. » Tervel is Pudditat’s best friend even though he doesn’t like much for other cats. With Pudditat guiding the way for his helpless canine companion, they circle each other nose to tail. How incredible is this?

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