Bow-legged puppy found famishing on the street got treated at a veterinary clinic

A Good Samaritan found a young canine in trouble along the road to Palm Harbor, Florida in the United States. The poor animal had strangely arched legs and therefore moved with great difficulty.

The man entrusted the small dog to the local shelter Suncoast Animal League. Karey Burek, a volunteer rescue coordinator and foster pet, named 10-week-old baby Jensen and drove him to Paws and Claws Animal Medical Center.

Indeed, his 2 front legs were tilting well outside his torso for a still unknown reason.

It turned out that Jensen was far too small and skinny for his age. He weighed only 5 kilograms. He lacked at least 4 to reach his ideal weight.

Vet Cindy Culpepper also performed several X-rays to understand where his illness came from.

Jensen had no broken bones or other injuries that could explain his malformation. In addition, his digestive tract was devoid of foreign bodies that could justify his being underweight.

Cindy Culpepper, therefore, concluded that he was sick because of malnutrition.

Jensen is therefore fed regularly and takes food supplements so that he regains body mass quickly. In addition, the veterinarian has placed splints on him to help him move more easily and contribute to his recovery. He should regain all his faculties in a few weeks.

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