The beautiful transformation of a wild kitten 2 months after her rescue

This cat named Rue probably wouldn’t have survived long without the help of her benefactress. His health problems as well as starvation were difficult to bear. Fortunately, today, she no longer has to worry about all that. She is pampered and is looking for her forever home.

Nadija has a shelter for AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue based in Tampa, Florida, USA.

In May 2021, the Good Samaritan was contacted by a local resident to save an adorable kitten who was wandering on their property. The poor little girl was famished and many scabs on her face indicated a possible infection.

Nadija therefore traveled with a transport box in order to put the baby in a safe place and provide her with the care she needed.

“When we arrived we spotted the kitten, but she didn’t want to come to us at first,” the young woman told Love Meow.

Nadija therefore used a subterfuge. She put on a video of a mother cat calling her offspring. “Within seconds she was running towards me, meowing back and looking happy,” she explained.

From then on, the helpless little kitten could relax. Nadija took her under her wing and drove her to the emergency veterinary clinic.

Her rescuer called her Rue. She suffered from an eye and respiratory infection. She was also extremely skinny and dehydrated.

The animal doctor therefore kept her under observation the first night so that she received treatment as soon as possible. By the next morning, Rue had regained all her energy. “She snuggled up to me and even started playing. That’s when I knew she would be fine, » Nadija said.

Rue has finally adapted very well to her warm indoor life. Her shyness quickly gave way to the playfulness that we expect from kittens. Her days were punctuated by wild play sessions and long naps with her peers. Rue feasted on all-you-can-eat food offered by her adoptive mother, so she quickly caught up on her stunted growth.

2 months later, Rue is ready to be adopted. She is fully recovered from her infections, has been vaccinated and identified.

“Rue has regained her confidence, she is a completely different kitten today who will make a family happy”, concluded Nadija.

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