Luna showed the world that shelter life can make animals extremely compassionate and caring

Luna is a marvellous black cat who has spent 11 years of his life in a shelter. Despite the age of 13, she is the most petite cat in the entire shelter. The shelter life has turned her into a compassionate, loving and caring big sister for all the other cats living there.

As it was revealed after Luna got into the shelter, she had been living in a family with dozens of other cats. She had seen her former owner’s love and care towards them, and appearing in the shelter after her death, she has been trying to pay it forward to the other animals.

Throughout the years in the shelter, Luna has developed strong bond with the other cats and some of the staff. Loving and feeling loved, she enjoys her life to the fullest. She understands everyone perfectly well, supports them in any ways she can and offers warm hugs to those who feel blue.

Let’s hope that Luna will serve as an example for people to take care of animals and help them by adopting, fostering, donating, or volunteering.

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