Found a way home after 14 years, only to bid farewell

The hero of our story is Ralph, a pretty little cat who has been wandering around, away from family, for 14 years. Old, shaggy and exhausted, she was eventually rescued by the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, who, miraculously managed to find his owners after all those years.

The family was stunned to see their beloved cat after such a long time. They took him home to give him the love and care he had been deprived of all these years.

Little did they know that the street life had had a serious influence on his health. Being old and completely exhausted and famished, Ralph had just a few more days to spend with his loving family. Jill, Ralph’s owner, shared with us: “Finding Ralph and giving him all my love during his last days was the best that could ever happen to me. I truly hope that I somehow managed to compensate for the warmth and care he had been missing for such a long time.”

Ralph joined the angels in an emergency room, where vets had been fighting for his life. We will never know the details of his journey on Earth, yet we know for sure, he felt nothing but love during the week he spent with his family.

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