A tiny puppy became an unexpected cherry on top of a woman’s vacation

When travelling to Fiji, Megan and her boyfriend could never expect that they would find a friend there. While they were out for a walk, a little pretty puppy jumped on their way and made them fall in love with him. Yet his cute face was not the only thing that caught their attention.

Because of living outside and not having enough food, the dog looked exhausted and famished. The couple couldn’t take him home, but they couldn’t leave him outside either. The couple named him Fiji, and luckily, they managed to find a foster home for the puppy.

The doggy gained strength and started feeling better in the new house. But Megan wouldn’t stop thinking of the puppy. And the next thing Fiji knew was he was on his way to Australia, to spend the rest of his life in the loving and warm family of Megan and his boyfriend.

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