Kittens got stuck in the tar, but help came from where they weren’t expecting

A resident of Nakhodka (Primorsky Krai) heard strange noises at home. A plaintive meowing came from the bucket. It had a lid, so the sound was not loud.

Kittens stuck tightly inside. There was tar in the bucket. How the kids got there remained a mystery, perhaps they were looking for warmth…

Tar covered even the muzzles! How long the kittens were in this suffocating mass is also unknown, but not everyone managed to survive. One kitten could not stand without food and water, the second cat’s kidneys failed, but the third baby turned out to be the strongest, and veterinarians are still fighting for his life.

The volunteers managed to wash the kittens from the tar, but it took time. As a result, one kitten will definitely recover. He is given various medical procedures, fed.

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