The rescued magpie became a member of the family

A family from Australia in 2013 discovered a magpie under a tree. They decided they had an obligation to help it, and that’s what it turned out to be.

Magpie they named Penguin, and now it lives with them.

The Blooms did not take a cat or a dog from the shelter, because they already have an unusual pet – a magpie. Penguin flies in to play with the children, and waits for them to return from school, and when the children run home from the bus, the magpie flaps its wings, sitting on a tree near the house.

It loves to spend time with every member of the family. There is no special place for the bird in the house because it arrives whenever it wants. A magpie does this, of course, every day.

When children play handball on the lawn, Penguin flies from child to child, so it shows that it takes part in their hobbies.

The bird, indeed, has become domestic. It flies around the house, picks up toys, throws them at children, watches TV with the family, and hugs them.

In the morning, the Penguin waits for everyone to go about their business, and only then leaves the house. And in the evenings, it flaps its wings like a dog tail, expressing joy when meeting family members.

Amazing pictures are taken by the mother of the family. The life of an unusual pet is followed in social networks by almost 200 thousand people.

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