Exhausted elephants were bogged down in a mud pit and could not get out

The mud pit became a real trap for the elephant mother and her 2 cubs.

A mud puddle is a favorite place for elephants living in Kenya. Dirt helps to care for the skin and pleasantly cools.

However, sometimes such a pit can turn not into a place of relaxation, but stress.

It happened to a whole family. The story of rescuing babies and an elephant mother was shared by African veterinarian and activist Dr. Kieran Avery. He suggested that the two baby elephants wanted to bathe in the mud but got stuck, and the mother tried to pull them out when she got bogged down herself.

A rescue team went to the scene. Pulling elephants out is actually not so easy even with the right equipment. The fact is that it is necessary to properly tie the cables so as not to cause discomfort to the animals.

The rescue operation took 2 hours. With the help of tractors, cables, and volunteers, the family was released.

Mom, trying to get the kids out, was completely exhausted. After liberation, she lay on the ground for 25 minutes, and only then was she able to rise to her feet. Then the whole family went to the rest of the herd.

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