Tiny Chihuahua warms the hearts of the audience with a charming dance “Swan Lake” at the exhibition of dogs

Chihuahua warms the hearts during the dog show with a charming dance program!

On Saturday, Birmingham, UK, hosted one of the world’s greatest dog shows, Kraft. As usual, this event was a great opportunity for dogs and owners around the world to demonstrate their skills. While there have been many wonderful dogs who deserve praise for their performance, one baby, in particular, surprised everyone with her fascinating routine!

Joy is a charming Chihuahua – and her handler Karin Baumann won the audience with their “Swan Lake” dance. With Karin dressed exactly like a ballerina, and even with obstacles replaced by a black and white swan, the duo demonstrated an impressive choreography based on Tchaikovsky’s classical ballet.
The moment was delightful when these two gracefully performed a synchronized dance that you would not see every day. In the end, everyone was impressed, especially the crowd that was rooting for this couple. But the tiny Joya won not only the hearts of viewers but also millions of others online. Because shortly after her dance went viral online.
As expected, this moment caused a lot of positive reactions among viewers. “Please tell me why I watch Crufts and just cried watching a chihuahua dancing ballet,” wrote one person. While another one added, “This is the only urgent news I’m interested in 2022”. The third person wrote, “I can’t believe none of you told me that Chihuahua was dancing “Swan Lake” in Krafts”.

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