The tiny Chihuahua couldn’t walk because of its weight, but the diet and friends helped it lose weight

This dog spent most of his time on the ground with his brothers and sisters, living with an elderly gentleman who could not take proper care of the dog.

When the owner passed away, three puppies were put in an orphanage.

Moreover, from there they were sent to the dog market, where they met Carla. The lady confessed that she liked animals in general. Carla’s heart melted when she saw the dog.

First of all, the new owner took the pooch to the doctor because of the size of him.

After thorough examinations and tests, the pet was diagnosed with thyroid disease. He was given a special diet to follow.

It took the dog a little over two months to lose most of his weight. The dog befriended the big dog and wanted to play with him.

He encouraged the Chihuahua to gallop and jump around, and to be enthusiastic about toys. He liked to walk in the parks as soon as he could move quickly with his little legs again.

‘I am overjoyed with him since he is an exceptional doggy. He should be able to run without limping, ‘Carla explains.

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