The man was filmed comforting the cow mother after she lost the calf

It’s an emotional moment when a caring stranger comes to offer a little consolation to a grief-stricken creature. The poor cow-mother had just lost her child during childbirth, and she was sitting on the grass all alone when this kind-hearted man noticed her and joined in to show his affection. The touching moment was filmed by this man’s wife!

Benjamin Tipps of Borger, Texas, was on his way to visit his mother-in-law on Mother’s Day when he stumbled upon an unhappy animal. He was with his wife when they noticed the cow lying on the grass. Unfortunately, the young cow did not give birth as planned, she was unable to give birth to her calf alive. Exhausted and devastated, the poor mother sought comfort, and it came from a man she never expected.

A 29-year-old man jumped over the fence from the side of the road, walked up to the cow, and spent a few moments with her! A touching scene was filmed on the camera of Benjamin’s wife Kayla Tipps, and the photos went viral online!

«She was devastated. She was tired of childbirth,» said Kayla InsideEdition. «She lay down, and Ben lay beside her and sort of massaged her and calmed her».

Benjamin spent several minutes with the cow, comforting her. The cow who belongs to Kayla’s mom’s neighbors, was a second time pregnant and her first calf – born a year ago – is healthy and in very good shape, that’s why no one thought she would have any problems during her labor. But sadly a tragedy happened. Nevertheless, the mother cow is now recovering after the loss.

“A Texas man laid down next to this cow on Mother’s Day to console her after losing her calf,” someone captioned the photo online!

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