The family rescues a wild foal stuck in the mud, and the mother is looking impatiently at it

A tiny horse in serious trouble after being stuck in a mud pit got a second chance thanks to a good-hearted couple. Jordan Camille and his wife Candace were on their ranch in British Columbia, Canada when they spotted a herd of wild horses behaving unusually. But soon they realized that one of the foals was in danger and rushed to his aid. They even captured a dramatic rescue on camera!

For the Camille family, wild horses are very common. These majestic animals often find their way to the watering hole in their territory. But they never had a chance to get to know the horses as they avoided human presence. However, something strange happened this time. Jordan was looking at his fencing lines when he noticed that some horses – particularly the mare – were behaving strangely. But he soon realized the reason!

“Usually they run away,” said Jordan Candace’s wife to the CFJC today. “You can’t really get close to them. They run away. But this time, that mare in the video kept coming a little closer. We made a loop around the ravine, and that’s where we noticed the foal stuck at the bottom of the ravine in the mud pit.”

These two knew they would have to come together to save the poor foal, but they both knew it would be a pretty tough rescue. While Jordan was barely trying to get the foal out of the mud, his wife was keeping his concerned mother away. The horse was deep in the mud, and it took the rancher almost an hour of effort to finally pull it out. But in the end, it’s worth it!
“Candice was watching the mare as I went down the mud pit,” said Jordan. “I think I was able to pick it up and carry it out on about my second or third try. From that moment on, I put him in a safe place where a mare could come and make him drink and move.”
Although Camille’s family has faced helpless horses many times before, this was the first time they had to intervene. Fortunately, thanks to their kindness, the mother and her frightened foal were soon reunited! “Finding one where Mom stays away and so protective and strong was another experience in itself,” said Jordan.

More about this heartwarming rescue below!

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