The funniest argument in history: an irritated cat pushes a dog into the pool

There’s nothing more annoying than when you just go about your business and someone comes up to you and starts yapping and yapping about this, usually about things that you don’t care about at all. And all you want to do is not listen to anyone. These adorable little puppies stumbled upon this kitty who just wanted to enjoy her moment in the sun. Well, they did get on the cat’s nerves when she decided to take action. And, oh, my God, that was funny!

The lazy cat lay by the pool, relaxing and minding her own business. Two rather naughty dogs seem to have fun, but they do it around the cat. At first, the cat appears relaxed and ignores them, waving its tail, and enjoying the sun by the pool.
But suddenly the dogs start to mock her. It looks like they are having fun now, but with a cat. She starts not to like it, and she sends them a warning hiss, but one of the puppies doesn’t pay attention – the wrong move. Because she has decided that she has enough. Show some attitude and teach the dogs a lesson – on the hard way! The comic scene was filmed on camera. Look:

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