The handicapped dog was rescued and is now known as “the luckiest dog on earth”.

In the late spring of 2016, this endearing and ever-grinning doggy was welcomed into the world. He ended up in Jenny’s good hands.

A twisted skull, a deformed jaw, and a missing section of the cerebrum were all there when the dog was born.

Jenny claims that she first noticed anything was wrong with her pet when she was just a half-year-old.

Before that, he was a completely normal puppy with a somewhat strange appearance.

Jenny learned bad news after showing the dog to the veterinarians.

The captivating doggy is missing a piece of his brain; he has an odd muzzle and an overbite, both of which cause him a great deal of difficulty in his day-to-day canine life.

‘When faced with such problems, I’m certain that many people return them to the shelter. In any event, this isn’t my narrative in any way. I adore him without hesitation, and he will always be the finest for my needs ‘explains the lady.

Jenny acknowledges that she spends around $2,000 each month on his care. Despite the difficulties that the dog has faced throughout his life, he remains a true buddy to Jenny and her other dogs.

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