Meet this dog who insists on walking with food it likes

Nicolas has always enjoyed carrying things around in his mouth since he was a puppy. Whether it’s one of his toys or something his mom needs, it makes him feel safe and useful, and it’s also pretty darn cute.

Now, Nicolas always has to be carrying something when he goes on his regular walks. Sometimes it’s something that any dog would carry, like a plush animal, and other times it’s absolutely unexpected and amusing.

The dog’s owner had recently returned home from the supermarket with a large haul of items, including a loaf of bread. When she asked Nicolas whether he wanted to go for a stroll, he rushed into the kitchen — and then out again, carrying the loaf of bread.

Nicolas has carried some amusing items on his walks in the past, but this one tops the cake. Everyone who watched him race about with the bread swinging from his mouth couldn’t help but grin, and he sure brought a lot of joy to the community that day.

It’s always a surprise to see what Nicolas brings on his walks, and his family enjoys seeing how much joy he offers to everyone around him.

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