The dog and the ferret immediately became good buddies, and now they spend all their time playing together.

Diana had always wanted to have different pets, so she acquired a dog and a ferret. A dog was the first to appear in her home.

She introduced her to various members of the fauna during the training process.

At shelters, the ferrets commonly grow alongside dogs, so the girl merely had to pick the cutest one.

The ferret had arrived in Kraków. According to the woman, the first meeting went off without a hitch.

The doggo grew intrigued by the visitor. He followed it for a while and sniffed the new house.

It ignored the dog for two days before ‘the fun began,’ according to Diana. ‘Sometimes it appears to me that two dogs reside here since they are so identical,’ Diana explains.

At the same time, the dog does not have a dominant role. Surprisingly, the ferret is the major character in their couple. During the activities, the ferret somehow caused a scar on the shepherd’s nose, but she accepted it gently.

The dog is incredibly gentle with the infant and never loses sight of or cares for him.

What an amazing friendship!

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