Orphanage for children of sloths without mothers

Human activity threatens the existence of sloths. That’s why Sam Thrall decided to found the Sloth Institute in Costa Rica.

Sam Thrall, the founder of the Sloth Institute in Costa Rica, has been helping baby sloths return to their natural habitat since 2013.

The Institute has three main goals:

1. study of wild and captive-bred sloths,
2. cooperation with other institutions of the world dealing with these animals,
3. dissemination of information about sloths.

« What I like most about sloths is their indifference to what doesn’t concern them, » admits Thrall. I realized that the « cycle of life » includes all kinds of animals, including mischievous monkeys and carnivorous cats. I respect those animals that are forced to eat other creatures in order to survive. But it is impossible not to succumb to the charm of the animals, who only want to chew their leaves, enjoy the sun and the breeze, and scratch themselves properly from time to time. »

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