An inseparable couple: a pug and a cat travel around Spain

The adventures of Bandito the pug and Luigi the cat are gaining popularity on social networks, who together with their owners went hiking in Spain. Sometimes Luigi and Bandito fight like a cat with a dog, but in general, they get along well with each other. The Instagram account, which regularly publishes funny photos of an inseparable couple, already has almost 30 thousand followers.

The animals travel in a special dog carriage, so a cheerful company – a cat, a dog, and their owners Sebastian and Finn – manage to overcome long distances without problems.

They have already walked along the famous 800-kilometer pilgrim road « The Way of St. James » (El Camino de Santiago de Compostela), visited the Sierra Nevada, Sierra de las Nieves National Parks, the Garraf Reserve, and the Montserrat Monastery.

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