20 photos of brave firefighters rescuing animals from fire

Firefighter’s Day is celebrated annually on May 4. On this day, they remember all the brave men who died in the fulfillment of their duty and during the protection of our well-being. In addition, this is a day of support and approval for all those who continue to fight for fire safety. In honor of this holiday, take a look at the firefighters rescuing animals who could not have escaped from the flames on their own!

1. Firefighter gives koala Sam water

2. A firefighter in Denmark rescues a cat from a burning house

3. The owl, who lost its parents, is saved

4. A firefighter rescues a cat

5. The cat climbs onto the shoulder of the firefighter who saved it

6. A dog rescued from a fire looks out of an oxygen mask to lick the cheek of paramedic Mark Monaghan

7. A firefighter hugs a dog after a car accident

8. A rescued little hamster gets oxygen through a mask

9. Firefighter Ray Spellmeyer carries a poodle named Joseph out of a burning building

10. A firefighter rescues a cat

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