The sweetest reaction of a dog who saw snow for the first time

Not so long ago, a one-year-old dog named Captain saw the first snow in his life. The doggie was very curious, and he was sincerely happy about the snow – and also, he decided to share this moment with someone special.

A golden retriever named Captain lives in the USA with a loving family. Ever since he appeared in the house as a little puppy, the dog adored plush toys. Plush tigers became his special love. Of course, he simply destroyed many toys, but one remained with him for a long time.

Now the Captain is a year old, and he carries his friend, a stuffed tiger, everywhere with him. At first, the toy belonged to the child of the owners, but the Captain constantly took the tiger to himself – so he appropriated the toy. Since then, the dog has not parted with his best friend. “He takes this tiger with him wherever he goes. Every time he picks it up, he happily wags his tail,” says the owner.

When it snowed in Colorado, it was the first snow in the Captain’s life. Looking out of the window, the dog could not understand – what are these strange snowflakes? Going outside, the dog was interested, and even tried to eat snow. But then he abruptly ran into the house, as if he had forgotten something… Of course, he wanted to share this moment with the tiger!

Милейшая реакция пса, который впервые увидел снег

The dog took his beloved tiger outside to show him the snow and share his emotions with him. The owners were touched by this moment. According to them: “He is a very loving boy, and has brought a lot of happiness into our lives!” – says the owner.

Милейшая реакция пса, который впервые увидел снег

Милейшая реакция пса, который впервые увидел снег


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