The family thought they had lost their dog forever – until they got a call from volunteers

During a walk, a dog named Miles suddenly disappeared – as if he had fallen through the ground. The terrified owner searched the whole neighborhood but did not find the pet. It took a long six weeks, and the owners began to lose hope – until they got a call from a local shelter.

Residents of Fulton County in the USA recently lost their beloved dog. An elderly dog named Miles suddenly disappeared while walking with the owner. He has poor eyesight, and presumably, the dog got scared of something and ran away. The concerned owner searched the whole neighborhood, but could not find the pet. The doggie’s family was restless.

The owners contacted all kinds of groups, shelters, and clinics, but Miles was never there. After a long six weeks of searching, the family has already begun to lose hope. They were overwhelmed by the thought that they would never see their pet again. But one day they suddenly got a call from a local shelter.

The owner of the dog received a call from the LifeLine Animal Project shelter. The woman couldn’t believe what she heard. It turns out that kind people picked up Miles on the street and brought him to the shelter! The dog has a microchip, by which the shelter staff found out the address and phone number of his owners, and then contacted them.

It is not known what Miles did during these six weeks, but the main thing is that he is absolutely unharmed. When the owner came to pick him up, she could not contain her emotions and burst into tears, hugging her dog. She also thanked the shelter staff.

Семья думала, что потеряла своего пса навсегда - пока им не позвонили волонтёры

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