The bear has been waiting for its salvation for 30 years

A Syrian brown bear named Fifi lived in a cramped cage at a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania for the first 10 years of her life. However, she had to squeeze into the same cage for another 20 years after the zoo was closed. Of course, there was no talk about the normal conditions of keeping the animal, but she managed to wait for her rescuers and now Fifi simply does not know.

Last summer, Fifi’s owner finally decided to give the bears away. As soon as the PETA employees were notified they arrived. What they found was heartbreaking.

For three decades spent in captivity, Fifi had a terrible look, she was so thin that the skin hung down in places, hugging the skeleton, her eyes were sunken, and her gaze was lost.

Rescuers found she had advanced arthritis of her hind legs, and she and other bears were also seen rocking back and forth, which the animals use to cope with stress.

Медведица ждала своего спасения на протяжении 30 лет

And even worse, they were never allowed to hibernate, which is very important for bears.

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