Some of our actions that dogs really don’t like

Despite the fact that dogs are friends of people, sometimes they don’t like human behavior either. Dogs have their own needs and instincts, therefore it is so important to realize what is normal for an animal and what is not.

Of course, everything is individual, it depends on the nature of a particular pet. But still, there are general recommendations that it is better to follow in order not to anger the animal.

Какие наши действия очень не нравятся собакам

So, what can our fuzzies not like? Let’s go through the points!


Hugs are a way for people to express their feelings. However, dogs do not understand this action. They most often want to get out and perceive a tight squeeze as a trap.

Prohibition of sniffing

With the help of smell, dogs get to know the world. If during a walk or meeting with relatives, you do not give them enough to sniff, then the dog will obviously not like it.


Animals get used to the regime. They don’t like it when things change at all. If the owners walk with them at a certain time, then the dogs will wait for the leash at the same hour every day. So it’s worth sticking to the schedule.

Какие наши действия очень не нравятся собакам

Pat on the top of the head

When someone wants to pet a dog, they usually pull their palm towards it, carrying it over their head. Animals don’t like it when something bends over them. They feel threatened.

Eye contact

Not all animals like to be looked in the eyes. This is especially true of other people’s dogs. It is better not to stare at someone else’s pet, causing him aggression. After all, for dogs, a look on the forehead is a sign of aggression.

Какие наши действия очень не нравятся собакам

And what don’t your pets like?

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