The tennis ball stand was in honor of a puppy who recently went to the rainbow

It’s good to have pets because they turn into our buddies and always comfort us on hard days. And occasionally they are the cure for them in hopeless times.

And sometimes when something happens to our pets we have to go through many difficulties to cope with their loss.

The woman wanted to honor her dead dog and offered tennis balls to all the dogs who wanted to play on the beach.

Piper enjoyed playing tennis with her owner on the beach. He often screams out of happiness on the ocean.

So after her death, her owner decided to remind everyone of her pet. So, she put a box full of yellow balls.

So everyone can take the ball and play with it.

After that, they can either leave it there or take it.

When dogs die you start to remember only the good times with them. So, their memories were connected to the beach and the ball. That’s why she decided to do so.

So, a stand was dedicated to the dog called Bruce.

So, this story proves that many people adore their pets and do everything for them.

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