The dog was walking by the river and suddenly pulled the owner to the shore. Under the water, in a sunken cage, a dog was moving!

Prisoner of the Tide

клетка в водоеме

A week ago, Jennifer Vaz and her dog Molly were walking in Veterans Park (Highlands, New Jersey). It was early morning, around 6:15. Suddenly Molly abruptly pulled the leash to the ocean shore – and Jennifer had no choice but to follow her.

The clever animal led the owner to a place littered with stones. The water was coming up close to them, and the top of a flooded rusty cage was sticking out of it. Looking closer, the girl suddenly noticed that a black nose and a pair of frightened eyes were sticking out above the level of the staying water, and a small dog’s body was moving nonstop in the depths!

клетка в водоеме рис 2

Jennifer realized that someone had decided to get rid of their pet in the most sophisticated way. Knowing the schedule of tides, the scoundrel set up a cage with a puppy on a narrow sandy strip behind the stones. The water began to stay and gradually covered the dog. A little more – and the cage would have completely disappeared into the depths for several hours, until a new low tide!

Luckily, Jen and Molly didn’t let that happen. The girl pulled out the cage and reported the discovery to the Monmouth County Police. They immediately reacted, at the same time joining the local animal control service to the case.

полицейский гладит собаку

Apparently, the one-year-old pit bull was left to die on the shore between four and six o’clock in the morning…

морда серо-белой собаки

The dog was named River – this name was given to him by the savior Jennifer herself. Now the boy feels well.

девушка целует собаку

The management of the district urged anyone who may have information about the former owner of the animal to contact the police immediately. One of the residents of the city responded to the statement, and information appeared that the suspect had been found.

However, the authorities will not make his name public — apparently, so that he would not be persecuted by offended citizens. The investigation is still ongoing.

Красивый ухоженный серо-белый пес

Agree, it’s one thing to hand over a pet to a shelter, and quite another to doom a living being to certain death in the ocean! Once again, you are astonished at the callousness of individual people who have lost their hearts somewhere…

Красивый ухоженный серо-белый пес рис 2

We hope that River will find kind owners very quickly!

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