Man photographing one of the 50 rare albino squirrels in the country

Outside his home, one man took a series of incredible photographs of a rare albino squirrel. When 51-year-old Richard Wo saw a white squirrel running around his apartment in Edinburgh, he was very happy. Lexi, a rare squirrel, became a frequent visitor in the garden.

Richard is a software developer. He said he saw an ultra-rare creature he called Lexi.» A couple of times a week, I throw nuts at it.» This disease affects about one in a million gray squirrels, and it is believed that there are about 50 such creatures in the UK. Their unique white color is due to the absence of melanin, which affects their skin and hair and makes their eyes turn red or pink.

It is believed that the probability that an animal will be born white is about one in 100,000. The father of two children, Richard, photographed a squirrel digging through leaves on a Saturday and said that she often posed for photographs. Richard said, «I was shopping, and she was running around, luckily I had a camera with me. She seemed in a good mood and posed for some photos.»

«I think she’s been hanging around for about four years; I’ve been lucky enough to see her quite often». Although she seems to be going away for a while, I usually see her a couple of times a week, and it’s always nice to see her when she comes back. ‘I don’t feed her, but now and then I see her from my apartment window and grab some nuts to scatter around the grass and trees.»

She is a smart little girl who does her best when she is bullied.» It is said that white albino squirrels suffer from visual and hearing disabilities, which makes life difficult for them in the wild.

Poor eyesight is another problem faced by albino species. The characteristic pink or reddish eyes of albinos are often formed improperly, preventing them from perceiving depth and focusing on things.

Albino squirrels are very rare due to the increased difficulty of life and the fact that albinism occurs in only 1 out of 100,000 mammalian births. However, a distinction should be made between albino squirrels and the much rarer white squirrels. White squirrels have leucism, a defective gene that makes their skin white, but their eyes remain black, so they don’t have the same visual problems as albinos.

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