Not a cat, but a plush toy! Snoopy became known all over the world because of his huge eyes and fluffy fur …)

Just look into those beautiful eyes! They’re adorable.


Here is a fluffy and sooo cute cat named Snoopy!

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The pet belongs to the exotic shorthair cat breed and has a color — a red tabby van.

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This amazing animal lives in China with his loving family.

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Snoopy is known not only in his hometown and throughout the country. They’ve even heard about him from other parts of the world!

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After all, the purr is one of the most popular animals on the whole Internet!


And it all started with the fact that the owner of Snoopy created a page for him on a social network Instagram and began to post pictures of the pet there…

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The number of followers grew every day, and now there are about 360 thousand of them!

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In addition, the handsome cat has his own Facebook profile and even a Youtube channel!

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No one can resist Snoopy’s charm… )

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Big eyes, cute muzzle, and fluffy fur!

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At first glance, you might even think that in front of you is not a real cat, but a soft children’s toy…

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We are not a bit surprised that Snoopy has become a real Instagram star!

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And you?

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