“Not a cat, but a hippo!»One day, someone left them this treasure with sky-blue eyes…


The volunteers of the shelter in Tracy (California) calmly went to work, not even imagining what was waiting for them at the door. It turned out that a large mailbox with even more impressive contents had settled there!

After opening the «gift», people found a shy spherical cat who was trying to hide from everyone somewhere in a cardboard wall. But since he didn’t know how to become flat yet, the poor animal had to put his head under his paws and shrink into a hedgehog – which made the alien’s spherical shape only intensify.

The guest was taken out and tried to calm him down.

Of course, the cat was well fed. 12 kilograms of live weight needed energy! After that, purr went to his aviary and climbed under the blanket. How good that people have not forgotten about the blanket! It will be the real refuge of this beast for the next week.

кот с голубыми глазами под одеялом

Hello, I’m your aunt!

Veterinarian Alex Sparks has been experiencing emotional loss for several months – the death of a much-loved cat. In the end, with the consent of the family, she scored in the search engine “Tracy take a cat from the shelter” and began to flip through the pages. Black, Red, White, Colored… Cats winked at her from websites and social networks, but no one has yet melted the girl’s heart.

Then Alex decided to personally visit one of the shelters and find herself a «mitten for the soul.» Said and done. And now a row of aviaries flashes in front of her – each with one or more tenants. And suddenly… an empty aviary, in the center of which a blanket is rolling by itself!

Alex stopped. She sat down by the bars, stretched out her hand, moved the tip of the fabric. Kitty-kitty! In response, a nose poked out of the microfiber cave. He sucked in air and then his eyes appeared. The eyes stared at the guest of the shelter. “What did you want?”

кот высунул голову из-под одеяла

And she didn’t want anything anymore. Nothing and no one — except this cute muzzle, dressed in a blanket mantle, and these 12 kilograms of fluffy joy.

кот за решёткой вольера

The girl turned to the volunteers with a request to accept this cat. But she was told that the animal had arrived recently, so the period of mandatory quarantine detention is not over yet.

“Is that the whole reason? — Alex was surprised. — Yes, I’m ready to wait as long as you want!”

Exactly a week later, she was again standing at the door of the orphanage. There was still half an hour left before the opening, and a whole queue of potential cat owners gathered at the entrance. Poor Alex was absolutely sure that they had all come for her blue-eyed Tommy! Will they give her the cat, or will other people take the animal?

голубоглазый кот за решеткой

As soon as the girl saw a familiar volunteer, she immediately asked if she could take a cat. Because she was afraid that other people were coming to get her favorite cat.

толстый кот и гантели

The volunteer reassured Alex – she was the only one who came for this pet today.

толстый серый кот отдыхает на ковре

Of course, Alex was given a condition – to put the cat on a strict diet, to treat, to fill with vitamins and fresh air. And of course, the new owner will do all this without question – that’s why she is a veterinarian!

But the most important thing is that they will be together now…)

серый кот лежит на руке

P.S. Tommy is now on a high protein diet and has already lost 2 kilos.

толстый серый кот смотрит вдаль

His favorite pastime is to run after a laser pointer, and he sleeps only with the owner, head to head. Tommy also likes to mess around with a Dude — a tiger dog rescued last year.

серый кот, ребёнок и тигровая собака

That’s the fate of an abandoned cat, which has become the center of a small universe for one good family!

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