Mother elephant met her daughter and grandchildren after a separation of about 12 years

Lost animals rarely reunited with each other again. And many people could not imagine that they would be able to get to know each other after several years of separation.

It’s the story of a 39-year-old elephant reunited with her daughter.

It was an emotional moment when a mother touched her daughter and then her daughter introduced her to her grandchildren.

Pictured: The moment that African elephant Pori (right), 39, was reunited with her daughter Tana (left), 19, after 12 years apart. She can also be seen touching trunks with her granddaughter Tamika, 4, who she has now met for the first time

No one could have imagined that they would not only recognize each other but also share such warm moments together.

The babies felt very happy with their grandmother. And she was very careful and caring with them.

So, this story again shows that animals never forget each other.

Elephants are considered to be friendly creatures. They hate loneliness.

And at this time Pori’s happiness does not recognize any borders as she not only found new elephants but it was her family. She was from Zimbabwe. When she turned two years old she transferred to Germany.

The elephant house will remain closed for a period of time while the family reconnect. Pictured: Tana holds out her trunk at the Bergzoo in the city of Halle

She stayed at the zoo and after some time had her first calf.

Also, now animals in Europe spend their whole life with their families. And this was great news for everyone.

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