Cats manipulate us and 4 more proofs that cats are very smart

If you have a cat living at home, then you probably know how smart and cunning it is. But those who do not have pets may still doubt their intelligence! Today we will try to prove to everyone without exception that cats are very intelligent animals.

5 Signs that Cats are Incredibly Smart

Show this to all your friends who doubt the intelligence of cats.

1. Cats have learned to manipulate us

Any self-respecting cat living side by side with people probably knows how to meow plaintively so that the owner immediately gave to it the biggest and juiciest cutlet. And what is it, if not manipulation?

2. Cats are able to establish cause-and-effect relationships and even draw conclusions

Judge for yourself: if you catch a cat at the «crime scene” when it steals a piece of sausage from the table, and then you scold it, then usually the pet immediately understands that it can’t do that. So, the animal has established a cause-and-effect relationship and made certain conclusions.

кошка на фото

3. The cat immediately understands what the owners want from her

Cats quickly remember where the toilet is, where there is a bowl of water, and where the warmest place in the house is.

4. The cat is perfectly amenable to training, it just doesn’t want to follow commands

We believe that dogs are easier to train and it is very easy to teach them something. But this does not mean that cats do not understand you: they do understand you! It’s just that their freedom-loving and independent natures do not want to do what the owner demands of them because they are sure that it makes no sense. But if you ask a cat to do something that it likes, and even reward it with a yummy, then you will understand how cunning your pet is!


5. The owner of a cat is first of all a friend

Cats do not serve their owners, preferring to be negotiated with them as friends. They do not like to be pointed to a place or ordered, but a kind attitude, affection, and requests work perfectly. Cats, just like dogs, understand human speech, but they may not show it.

Now you know for sure that cats are undoubtedly very intelligent animals!

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