A cat was brought to the veterinary clinic for euthanasia. The reason is now the owners have got a dog

This story happened a few years ago. After the appearance of a new pet in the house, the cat is no longer needed.

These people (if you can call them that) left the animal in the clinic. The cat was sitting and pressed against the table, she could not understand what was happening. The poor animal wondered why the owners left her, where she ended up, what would happen to her next.

The doctors conducted a veterinary examination. It turned out that the baby is completely healthy. Doctors turned to volunteers. They asked to find a place of temporary care for the cat during the day. The girl’s age is about 6 years old. The baby is completely a pet, not accustomed to street walks, affectionately treats people. She wasn’t even afraid of the vet, she allowed herself to be patted on the fur.

We have placed ads on the Internet. Many people started writing meaningless messages, others condemned the previous owners of the cat. However, some people wanted to take the girl. The same evening, Marusya (nickname of the cat) went to a new house. Besides her, there were three other pets.

At first, the cat was unusual in the new team, but she quickly adapted to these conditions. Marusya was accepted, now she is a full-fledged member of the team of pets of this family. The kitty lives happily and does not remember the betrayal of the previous owners.

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